I am a year-round resident of Lovell and enjoy the variety of experiences that living in western Maine offers. Numerous lakes, ponds and mountains provide the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors every day.
Married to Rondi, we have two children. Ben is a US Marine, is married to Cassandra and they have a young son Jackson and a daughter Reagan. Anna is a student at Hunter College in NYC but currently is studying Mandarin in Beijing. This is her fourth extended stay in China.
I am the owner of Kezar Realty in Lovell Village and will provide periodic updates to the local real estate market.
I am active in many local organizations including the Charlotte Hobbs Memorial Library, Lovell Historical Society, The Brick Church for the Performing Arts and the Lovell Old Home Days.

6 Responses to About

  1. Jonna says:

    Great website! How about a tide chart?

  2. Kim says:

    Just got back from another great visit to Lovell, Kezar Lake, and Jackson, NH. Even though it is a long way from Los Angeles, I love to visit my friends in the area and experience the change of seasons in New England.

  3. Charles Cotton says:

    Excellent blog. Now I can catch up on all the things about Lovell that I have missed for more than 50 years.

  4. Alyssa says:

    I am doing a research project at school and I was wondering if you have ice-out dates recorded for Kezar Lake for the past 10 years. Thank you, and awesome blog!

    • C.E.Robinson says:

      You probably know this already if you got the latest blog post 4/25/2018. It’s all about the Lake Ice-Out and Data for New England. I went into the historical New England list. Very interesting! Hope you find it. Christine

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