Lovell Hardware Store

IMG_2126I think that now we can say that spring has arrived. Small patches of snow may remain on the ground but the daffodils are pushing through the dirt, there is activity at the Kezar Lake Marina, boats on trailers are parked around town, soft-serve ice cream is flowing at Beth’s Homestead Scoop, the spring sport teams are out running and throwing the balls around and the ice on the lake is beginning to recede.

For past few months, there has been a lot of activity at the Lovell Hardware Store. Crystal and Robbie Drew have purchased the long-vacant property, are doing extensive renovations (see pictures below) and will be reopening sometime in early May. Yes, once again we will have a place to buy all of the big and small items we need around the house. No more quick trips to North Conway, Fryeburg or Bridgton for a part! Grain and feed will also be available.

Lovell and all of the surrounding towns are looking forward to the opening!


About kezarlife

I am a year-round resident of Lovell, owner of Kezar Realty ( and enjoy the variety of experiences that living in western Maine offers. Numerous lakes, ponds and mountains provide the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors every day. Married to Rondi we have two children. Ben is a Sergeant in the US Marines and with his wife Cassandra, son Jackson and daughter Reagan, live in Virginia. Ben's most recent deployment was to Afghanistan. Anna is a graduate of Fryeburg Academy, has studied in Beijing, China as well as Taiwan and now attends Hunter College in NYC where she is enrolled in their Chinese Flagship Program. I am active in many local organizations including the Charlotte Hobbs Memorial Library, Lovell Historical Society, Old Home Days, Lovell 5k Run, the Gasping Gobbler, the Tour de Lovell and the Brick Church for the Performing Arts. I also serve as President-elect of the Western Maine Board of Realtors. Please visit for up-to-date real estate listings and information on western Maine! Stan Tupaj
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9 Responses to Lovell Hardware Store

  1. J. Talbot says:

    Happy to learn that the Lumberyard will open again. Am wondering if Yoga in the upstairs will return too? Or better yet Yoga and some workout equipment?

  2. France's Pyott says:

    Good luck to the Lovell Hardware in Maine I know Michael and Paula Prevost are excited about it.

  3. Jim Bast says:

    Wonderful News!!
    The Hardware Store will be a renewed asset to our Town.

  4. David Cullinan says:

    I love to hear this!!

  5. Bob Patterson says:

    Every Lovell resident of and visitor to the hardware store is part of what we do to support the local economy, catch up on the latest town news and experience what it means to shop local.

  6. Hooray! I will be so happy to do business there!

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