New Suncook School, Lovell

In a stunning reversal, the MSAD 72 school board announced it has abandoned the decision to rebuild the Snow School in Fryeburg. Instead, it was determined that the existing New Suncook School in Lovell, with a modest expansion of its facility, provided the most cost-efficient option for the large school district.

During the long and contentious discussion regarding the financing of a new elementary school, citizens of several towns felt excluded from the school board’s decisions. After the declaration was finalized, a determined group of people continued their planning and research in the evenings at Norris Bennett’s Sweden garage. Lobbying of elected officials at all levels and in Augusta was pursued until Governor Paul LePage, fresh from his reelection in November, gave his full support to the effort.

By expanding Lovell’s New Suncook facility to accommodate the Snow School student population, MSAD 72 will realize a significant cost savings. In fact, the total budget for the project is expected to be about half of the original estimate. The Maine Department of Education confirmed that this reduction changes the formula and will permit all seven towns, including Fryeburg, to share in the costs of construction. Engineering plans are being finalized and it is expected that the new school will be ready for the students in time for the 2017 academic year.




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I am a year-round resident of Lovell, owner of Kezar Realty ( and enjoy the variety of experiences that living in western Maine offers. Numerous lakes, ponds and mountains provide the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors every day. Married to Rondi we have two children. Ben is a Sergeant in the US Marines and with his wife Cassandra, son Jackson and daughter Reagan, live in Virginia. Ben's most recent deployment was to Afghanistan. Anna is a graduate of Fryeburg Academy, has studied in Beijing, China as well as Taiwan and now attends Hunter College in NYC where she is enrolled in their Chinese Flagship Program. I am active in many local organizations including the Charlotte Hobbs Memorial Library, Lovell Historical Society, Old Home Days, Lovell 5k Run, the Gasping Gobbler, the Tour de Lovell and the Brick Church for the Performing Arts. I also serve as President-elect of the Western Maine Board of Realtors. Please visit for up-to-date real estate listings and information on western Maine! Stan Tupaj
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