New Spring Listings

1898 Main Street, Lovell

1898 Main Street, Lovell

1898 Main Street, Lovell

1898 Main Street, Lovell

487 Main Street, Fryeburg

487 Main Street, Fryeburg

487 Main Street, Fryeburg

487 Main Street, Fryeburg

When measured against the previous five-six years, 2014 was a very good year for local housing and so far, 2015 appears to be headed in the same direction. Overall buyer traffic is about the same but the big difference, to me, is the degree of confidence that people have. Confidence that their jobs will continue and confidence that the economy will continue to expand; maybe not robustly but certainly not retract! (Sales of New U.S. Homes Rise) At this point, home prices seem to be holding steady and I don’t expect any big gains until some of the excess inventory is sold.

So as we leave winter behind, here are two new listings that Kezar Realty is proud to represent:

1898 Main Street, Lovell (MLS # 1206175). Visit the Virtual Tour here.

487 Main Street, Fryeburg (MLS # 1206365). Visit the Virtual Tour here.

Photos and virtual tours by Michael E. Berube,

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2015 Lovell Town Meeting

John Carter discusses the importance of the School Board.

John Carter discusses the importance of the School Board.


Lovell Selectmen and Moderator Jon Bliss

Lovell Selectmen and Moderator Jon Bliss

Sixty citizens attended Lovell’s Annual Town Meeting and in traditional New England manner, voted on a total of 83 articles. A written ballot was required only two times.
Jonathan Bliss was nominated and elected to serve as the moderator for the meeting. Mr. Bliss started the proceedings commending Larry Fox and the Lovell Public Works Department for their excellent work in maintaining the town’s roads during this lengthy winter.
Here is a summary of the meeting:

* The Annual Report was dedicated to Friends Helping Friends, a town committee formed in 2012 that assists needy Lovell residents with fuel, electricity, food or clothing. Funds are raised annually from private donations, a chili challenge and a raffle held by Lovell’s Delta Masonic Lodge #153.
* Robert Drew was reelected to a three-year term as a Selectman.
* Ron McAllister was elected Code Enforcement Officer.
* Karen Bacchiocchi, Ron Masse and Richard Legere were elected to the Planning   Board.
* Kathleen Vachowski and Mary Heroux were elected to the Budget Committee for seven-year terms.
* Jack Jones and Jane Williams were elected to the MSAD 72 Board of Directors.                                                                                                                                   * $10,521 was appropriated for the Stoneham Rescue Service while Fryeburg Rescue Service received $10,488 as well as $4,000 towards Fryeburg Rescue’s Investment Fund.                                                                                                                        * All of the local organizations, such as the Lovell Historical Society, Charlotte Hobbs Memorial Library and the Lewis Dana Hill Memorial Library received their requested dollar amounts.                                                                          * Most requests from a variety of non-profit groups providing services to Lovell residents, such as Community Concepts, Seniors Plus and the Sweden Pantry were approved.                                                                                                                                      * A 1.7% Cost of Living Raise was approved for all town officers’ salaries.

Perhaps the day’s lengthiness discussion centered around the omission of the word ‘the’ in Article 66 and whether it needed to be corrected for the record. Other than that, the meeting was run efficiently and concluded in a timely two hours! Plenty of time remained for everyone to enjoy the pleasant late-winter day.
Here is a copy of the full Annual Report.


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Busy Day at Kezar Realty

Having two settlements in one day may be commonplace for the big city realty firms, but it is always exciting at Kezar Realty! Especially at the tail-end of February, when the cold and the snow are still with us and it doesn’t feel like home-buying season just yet.

As we know, modern technology is advancing rapidly where smart phones and tablets are used to communicate. However, in the real estate and the mortgage world, paper is still king! Although contracts with electronic signatures are prevalent, original signatures are still required for all legal papers, particularly those that need to be recorded at the registry.

Today’s first settlement had a pleasant mixture of the old process and a touch of the new technology. The buyers for this Lovell property were scheduled to be out of the country so a Power of Attorney was provided ahead of time to sign on the behalf of the buyers. Thanks to the magic of Skype, the buyers were able to watch the settlement, answer questions and participate all the way from Thailand! Betsy Meredith, the settlement agent for Market Street Settlement Group, was able to explain various forms to the buyers and answer questions as we went along.


Thanks to the listing agent, Linda Nista of Paris Cape Realty and to Market Street Settlement for agreeing to have the settlement in Lovell!

And thanks to Jeanne Bonner of Kezar Realty,  the listing agent for today’s second settlement. This property was located in Stoneham and the selling agent was Susan Moore of Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate in Gorham.

It is always rewarding to see happy buyers and sellers and to be a part of the team that makes it happen! Today was one of those days. :)

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Snow Scenes, Part Two

What a difference a few hours make! The sun is out, the temps are warm (high 20’s) and thanks to Scott Gardiner, the best snow plower in Oxford County, the roads are clean. (Here’s a great video history of snow plowing in Maine) It looks like we will have a stretch of good weather so let’s get out and enjoy the snow. How about a cross-country at the golf course? Thanks to the Lovell Recreation Department, it is free.


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Lovell Village Snow Scenes


Over the past two days we had about six-seven more inches of light, fluffy snow added to the existing base. This is great news for nordic and alpine skiers, snowmobilers and winter enthusiasts! Although this looks like a lot of snow, southern Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts have more than we do. I think I heard the city of Boston ‘cry uncle’ because they have nowhere to put it and the streets are now very narrow. Subway service has been suspended temporarily and officials are asking people to stay home while crews work to get the roads clean.

When you look out the window it is hard to imagine that one day the snow will be gone but remember, the first day of Spring isn’t that far away–Friday, March 20th!

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Lake Region Rotary Trip to the Dominican Republic

With all of the endless talk over the past two weeks of Bill and Tom’s legacy of winning and cheating, I think it is important to highlight three local people who are making the time and effort to help those who are less fortunate.

For the past several months, Emma Bodwell (Mortgage Network), Kristen Charette (Norway Savings Bank) and Cathy Sullivan, all members of the Bridgton-Lake Region Rotary Club, are spending a week in the Dominican Republic working on a mission trip.

The three women solicited and collected (over 300 pounds, I believe) a variety of supplies, clothing and toiletries to bring with them. Each day they will be working with schools and orphanages delivering supplies and helping to educate the women, children and families of this impoverished country.

Their daily work and thoughts, as well as photos, will be updated daily on their blog, Bridgton Lake Region Rotary Club Blog

2015 Dominican Republic

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Lovell Village–Open For Business

As you drive up or down Route 5 (within the legal speed limit, of course!), you can’t help but notice that the OPEN flags are out and flapping in the wind in Lovell Village. I must say, that is a sight that puts a smile on my face!



Bits & Bytes

Bits & Bytes

Kezar Realty

Kezar Realty

Charlotte Hobbs Memorial Library

Charlotte Hobbs Memorial Library

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